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Deciding the Type of Campaign Yard Signs You Need

Campaign Yard Signs

This year is the time to make the most of your campaign yard sign budget!

Deciding what type of campaign yard signs to use is very important to your political campaign. Campaign yard signs are one of the best ways available to put your name out on the streets. Even better, a supporter with a campaign sign in their yard may cause neighbors to share the support for your campaign. To all of the new and existing political candidates, runandwin is here to help you through the process of selection and design of your campaign yard signs and to best reflect your image and project your candidacy.

When choosing campaign yard signs, there are many factors to consider. You need to take in account: budget, weather, size, ease of use and re-usability.

Take the time to weigh the options before choosing a sign. Are you in a short campaign and simply need a sign to use economically? Poly-coated poster boards may be for you. Are you in an area where there is severe weather? Then you should consider corrugated plastic. If you have a large area to cover and want the convenience of easy packing, then you need bag signs.

As you further explore this website and the descriptions of different yard sign types, you should be able to determine what your campaign sign needs are. You might even find ideas that will lead to the success of a professional and well-organized campaign. If you run across something you may have questions about or is not answered on this site, there are some really helpful and understanding experts at runandwin.

Corrugated plastic signage is one of the most durable forms of outdoor campaign advertising available and is still economical. They will outlast poly-coated posterboard signage and can be reused for future campaigns. Corrugated plastic will also stand up to rain and bad weather during your campaign.

Corrugated Plastic Campaign Signs

Corrugated plastic, sometimes referred to as coroplast®, is essentially a plastic form of cardboard. It has the internal fluting similar to cardboard box material, and corrugated plastic will be able to withstand more rain that poly coated poster boards, that has the tendency to sway over during high winds.

However, another downside to corrugated plastic signs is that the print will not be as crisp as poster board signs, due to the slight variations of the material because of the fluting. While still a great sign, you may notice lines in your artwork.

Poly-coated Poster Board Signs

Poly-coated poster board yard signs are thick poster boards (24pt mostly) that have an UV and weather resistant coating to protect them. These signs are typically the most economical of the signs. While these signs are weather resistant, you may not be able to collect all of them and reuse them. They handle inclement weather but may curl at the corners with extended periods of rain. These signs may have scoring where you fold and then staple them before placing the signs on the frame. These are also the most time consuming to put together though.

Signs such as these, that have to be stapled, come in many sizes. The most common campaign yard sign is 14″ x 22″ at its folded size and tend to be slightly smaller than other signs.This may be a positive or negative thing for your campaign, therefore there is a poly coated poster board yard sign that has the convenience of being pre-sealed so you do not have to staple. The signs come in 16″ x 26″ and have an economic price tag. This campaign yard sign is one of the most popular signs available for political campaigns.

Bag Signs

Bag signs are made of flexible, inner lines polyethylene material that can hold-up against the weather. Typically printed at 16″ x 26″, these signs are large enough for great exposure. Since the material is light, it is a very easy to use sign, and the shipping is less than other products. However, pricing in smaller quantities tends to be high. At large quantities, bag signs will be your most economical option.

These campaign bag signs are sturdy and could possibly be reused, but will take on some wear and tear. Campaign bag signs are becoming more popular due to their ease of use.

In Conclusion

Taking a look back at the different types of campaign yard signs and their individual characteristics, we hope that we were able to aid in making an effective decision for the success of your campaign. While this website is limited to three different types of yard signs, there are many more ideas and creative designs that you are welcome to visit at runandwin, we want you to have professional and effective political yard signs that help you win your campaign.