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Hot Topic: Removing Campaign Yard Signs

Hot Topic: Removing Campaign Yard Signs

Posted on Jan 15, 2019 | 0 comments

In many municipalities and towns, there are laws about taking down your campaign yard signs.

Campaign yard signs are a campaign supply necessity. But campaigns do not always have a plan to remove their signs from right of ways or other public spaces.

Does your campaign have a plan for campaign yard sign removal?



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Campaign Yard Sign Sale

Campaign Yard Sign Sale

Posted on Dec 11, 2018 | 0 comments

Call us to get $25-50 off your campaign yard sign order until the end of the year.

This is for campaign yard signs and is for phone orders only!

We want to help you get your campaign for 2019 off the ground. We do a great job of helping our clients with logos and designs and the best part is: we don’t charge you!

Come work with us and get 2019 off on the right foot with yard signs.

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Campaign Yard Signs

Campaign Yard Signs

Posted on Nov 30, 2018 | 0 comments

There is much talk about the effectiveness of campaign yard signs.  The internet is full of opinions.

Admittedly, campaign yard signs are not a cheap. If you are running in a local election, campaign yard signs can take up a large percentage of your budget.

Being wise with how you use your signs is key to maintaining a cost effective campaign.  Cheap yard signs are possible if you buy small ones that are say 12″x18″. But sticking with one color imprint is also a good way to keep costs down. We have designs wonderfully attractive and effective signs in one color at runandwin.

Also give your signs out to your trusted supporters. If you only order a small amount, make sure your signs are in people’s yards rather than the right of ways on the streets where opponents may take them down or the highway department may.

Remember to save some for election day! Having signs at the polling places is crucial to a successful election day campaign.

We know budgets are tight on campaigns. Ask us for more ideas on how to save money on political yard signs.

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Cyber Sale!!! Get campaign yard signs early for 2019

Posted on Nov 20, 2018 | 0 comments

It is that time of year again! Sale! Sale! Sale! Get 10% off an item during this short Cyber Sale! You must order online and use the coupon code: cybersale2018 to get this discount!

What better time to get your campaign yard signs than with a great cyber sale!

Happy Campaigning!


your personal team at runandwin

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Getting Ready for 2015 – Campaign for Local Election

Posted on Dec 17, 2014 | 0 comments

Now that you have decided to campaign for local election next year, what’s next?

You have ideas and your friends have ideas but how do you turn those ideas into your campaign? Experienced campaign managers and consultants will tell you to put together a campaign plan to get started before you even buy your first campaign yard signs.

At runandwin, we want to help you win your campaign. The next few posts will be a helpful guide to get you started and on your way to winning your campaign.

Campaign plans are important tools for a successful and winning campaign. Campaign plans are a way of taking the time early on in your campaign to sit down and decide how you will run for office. Once you have a plan for running for office, you will have the basis for making all of the critical decisions that go along with running for office. Campaign plans are vital to running an efficient and organized campaign. Campaign plans involve campaign materials like campaign yard signs and lapel stickers and more importantly involve when to execute those purchases.

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